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1. Make The Prep the beneficiary of an existing policy: If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need to support your family, you can name SHP as the beneficiary of the policy, meaning that 菠菜评级排行 will receive the policy’s death benefit at the end of your life. While there are no current tax benefits to this approach, the value of the policy will be removed from your estate for federal estate tax purposes.

2. Make The Prep the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy: This means that instead of simply naming 菠菜评级排行 as beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, you transfer full ownership of the policy to SHP. The Prep receives the policy’s death benefit at the end of your life. In addition to removing the value of the policy from your estate for federal estate tax purposes, this approach also provides you with current federal income tax deductions.

3. Help The Prep purchase a new life insurance policy on your life: If you wish to make a substantial future gift to SHP at a relatively low cost to you, another alternative is to consider purchasing a new life insurance policy and name 菠菜评级排行 as the policy owner and beneficiary. You then easily arrange to pay the premiums through gifts to The Prep and deduct the premiums from your federal taxes - annual tax deductible gifts! This approach provides you with federal income tax deductions and the policy proceeds are not included in your estate for federal estate tax purposes.

And you can designate your gift for any department, program or fund at SHP that you wish to support!

戴利主教是一名教师, 咨询师, and the Assistant Headmaster at 菠菜评级排行 from 1946- 1967. He led the way by making a lasting impact on the lives and the future of countless young men. 

该Msgr的成员. 威廉J. Daly ‘38 计划给 Society share a common vision of providing an exceptional catholic education to future generations of young men. Members thoughtfully choose to express their commitment to The Prep in their estate plans. 


We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in The Msgr. 威廉J. Daly '38 计划给 Society, so if you have made provisions in your estate for a gift to 菠菜评级排行aratory School, you can let us know in two ways:

  • 打印并填写 PDF版本 of our 遗产赠予确认表格, and return it to 菠菜评级排行 by e-mail or mail at advancement@tjxsd.com 或邮寄至美国邮政服务:
    经办人:Msgr. 迈克尔•凯利

    If you are comfortable sharing any documentation of your estate gift, please include it with the form to enable us to more 有效地 steward your gift. The particular details that you provide on these forms, as well as any additional information that you choose share with us, 将保密.

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