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海盗 & Parents on a Journey grief support program was founded in December 2017 and is modeled after the “Brothers on a Journey” program at St. 俄亥俄州辛辛那提市的泽维尔高中. The program is designed to provide students and parents who have lost a loved one with peer support 通过 group discussion, 反射, 和活动.

项目描述 & 目标
海盗 and Parents on a Journey is not a therapy group, but more of a way for students and parents to connect with one another over the loss of a loved one.


家长及社区成员, please join us on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 6:00 pm at The Prep for a fun 'Trivia Night' fundraiser supporting the Mackenzie Fitschen基金 通过 海盗之旅
Trivia will be hosted by Joe Trivia (P' 22 & 24),并提供食物. All adults 21+ are welcome and the event is BYOB. 
  • 日期2023年11月18日,星期六
  • 位置: 菠菜评级排行  (120 Northfield Ave 西奥兰治,新泽西07052)
  • Time: 6:00pm 
  • 成本: 45美元/人 
The deadline to register is Friday 11/10.

If you cannot attend but still would like to donate, there is an option to donate on the registration page. 


  • 学生会议

    • Our student group meets once a month during our Lunch/Homeroom period. 每次会议都提供午餐. We spend the first part of the group socializing and discussing upcoming events and checking in.
    • Next, we move onto a planned activity or discussion. 活动 and discussions revolve around the topic of loss and the different emotions and obstacles that can arise after losing a loved one. The main goal of these activities and discussions is to foster an environment of support and resilience, while providing students with healthy coping strategies.
    • Students are not required to participate if they are not ready. 如果需要的话,他们可以倾听. 在菠菜评级的会议期间, we encourage our students to reflect on their own loss and practice active listening and peer support. We also stress the importance of confidentiality.
  • 家长会

    • Our parent group meets once a month at night in our school’s library. Coffee and light refreshments are provided at every meeting.
    • This group was created to provide our parents with an outlet to share their grief and connect with other parents who suffered the loss of a loved one. It also provides parents with the opportunity to discuss obstacles related to loss and parenting.
    • We do not explicitly share what was specifically said in the student group only the topics that were covered so that parents can facilitate conversations with their sons.
  • 外展及悲伤教育

    • We understand the importance of working with our parents and students 通过 their losses. One of the most important ways to do this, is to educate our school community (students, 教师, and staff) on how to support one another after a loss.
    • We currently host yearly grief education workshops for our students 通过 the Imagine Center (see resources tab for website information). 在这些研讨会期间, our school community is educated on how to facilitate conversations around loss, recognize that everyone grieves differently, and understand the different types of loss.
    • We have recently expanded this grief education presentation to our 教师 and staff.
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